About Nutricook

With advent of modern cooking ways, gadgets and utensils, the society and market has focused on quick cooking methodologies. In process the methods of cooking and concept of right cookware has been left behind. Quick and spicy food has been mantra for kitchen today. This has led to problem of malnutrition related to the way we cook. We the management at Recall Ancient Solutions want to address the problem of malnutrition by creating awareness of healthy cooking. With long experience of 20 years in field of cookware, we recommend to change the way of cooking, we believe healthy family from healthy kitchen, healthy kitchen from healthy cookware. Make in India, Making India Healthy"


With development of science and technology, there started to be a gap between mankind and nature. Humans have over exploited the basic elements of earth like Air, Water, Atmosphere and food, which have affected the lives adversely and have brought discord with nature. We at Recall Ancient solution have firm belief that technology should be used in unison and to bring harmony with nature. So it aims to promote the product which bridges the gap between basic element of nature, human food, health and wellbeing.


Since human food, health and well-being is a field where women have contributed immensely from times immemorial. Recall ancient solution carries a vision to create enterpreneurship by giving opportunity in districts and thaluka levels. Involve youngsters not only in healthcare, engineering, Technology, but also promote entrepreneurship where Youngsters can contribute better to make every family understand in true sense, as to how important it is to transform the way they cook, use of modern health care methods in day to day life and well-being of members at home. With promotion of entrepreneurship we want to make "Job Seekers Into Job Creators".